A little insight

      I'm Kevin one of the owners of Etang de Kingshaw. I have been a keen fisherman since I was a child and have spent many a holiday carp fishing in France. In June 2005 myself and friends went to France for a weeks fishing. This was the turning point for me. The lake was awful, no shade, hardly any fish and the facilities were non existent. It was in the middle of nowhere and the fact that I had to climb into the lake and spend a whole day clearing the weed to make the swim slightly fishable, it made me think that I could do better than this. As well as being fed up with the rat race of London and living within the biggest car park of England, yes the M25 I decided I had had enough.

Fortunately, I'm one of the lucky guys who managed to convince my beloved wife Sue (the other owner) to pack up everything and move to France and start a carp fishing business. This was no easy task I can assure you. After spending many a weekend back and forth to France, looking for the ideal lake we came across what we thought was a little gem. It was a wet, cold windy February day in 2006. No leaves on the trees, frost on the ground and a moany two and half year old daughter. This lake still said buy me. It became ours in June 2006, come November we had packed our bags and said goodbye to blighty. Since that day all our efforts, blood, sweat and lots of money, have been put into the lake. Hopefully we have turned it into a good fishery for all to enjoy!.